Retur & ombytning

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The Right of Exchange

Is the product not as expected or have you ordered the wrong size, you can choose to exchange it. To facilitate the procedure, you must return the product and a copy of the relevant invoice and then order a new product through our online shop.


The First Product Purchased

When receives the returned item we will refund the cost of purchase and delivery. The shipping fee is not refundable if the original order consists of multiple items and only some of the items are to be exchanged.

When has received the returned item, you get an email confirming this. The email provides information of the subsequent process, and when you can expect to get your money refunded.

Expect a processing time up to 7 days on return packages, as all goods returned are checked systematically. The cost of the purchase is refunded to your account within a few days and latest 30 days after has received and accepted the returned goods.

If you have paid by bank transfer when making the purchase, you must provide us with the registration number and account number for the account you want us to transfer the amount to.

When has processed the returned item and the amount is transferred to your account, we will send a credit note to your email.


The New Product

When receives your new order, you get a new order confirmation sent to your email and your order is treated as a new purchase.

The warranty period of the new product is valid from the date you receive it.



The cost of returning the goods to is the customer's own expense. The package is rejected by if it is returned as COD (cash on delivery) or without postage or with no distribution.

The Right of Exchange does not apply to custom made products.



In the case of agreed discounts, returned goods or prepaid items that are canceled before shipment, there must be a full or partial refund of the purchase price. Repayment is usually done by a bank transfer; therefore needs information about the registration number and account number for your bank account.