Every hindu believes in reincarnation.
The beautiful and colorful saris, worn by the Kathmandu women never dies, since we give them a new life as decorative plaids.
They are minimum 140 cm x 220 cm. They are all felted by hand of pure wool and silk. They are all warm and comfortable and exceptionally beautiful, and as soles they are all quit unique. 
Pick your very own Reborn Sari - to keep warm or to decorate your sofa or at your terrasse.

It can be washed (Maximum 30°C), but you maintain it the best by simply airing it in damp weather.

All our products are felted by hand at our own workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. Thus we are certified Fair Trade Importer in Denmark. When you buy from betterfelt you create jobs in Nepal. 1 pair of shoes = half a days work in Kathmandu. 

You have never felt better!

Old Sari Plaid Yellowish

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